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Site Summary and Features

ProFootballLogic is intended to be a source of pure information and statistics with which users can compliment their own knowledge to form more informed opinions. Below is a sort of sitemap or index that summarizes the most important features and uses of the site.

Performance Statistics - New age stats in terms of points, providing easier analysis across all play types. View how your team stacks up against the rest of the league in each category or visit your team's page to see how they've done on a week to week basis. For a complete list of game results, visit the Games page and sort the table by different columns to generate insightful lists such as the top rushing performances or worst defensive performances all season. Full Stats Explained Article

Team Ratings - Every team is rated not only by their past performance but by how likely their types of success or failure are to continue. Ratings are formed by a complex computer model but are easy to use, the average team has a rating of 0 and the difference between two team ratings is the number of points the better team would be expected to win by in a neutral game. See the ratings in action on the Schedule page, with point spreads and win percentages for every game. Sort by columns to do your own research into the biggest favorites or biggest upsets all season. Full Ratings Explained Article

Enhanced Standings - Regular league standings plus a whole lot more. We simulate the rest of the season 1000 times every week based on our team ratings and applicable tiebreakers to provide current odds for each team to make the playoffs, win their division, win the Super Bowl, and more.

Player Database - Helpful information about every player in the league. The player ratings are the only section of the site that is partially subjective, but are rooted in stats and video evidence. No need to wait for us to publish an article about our top players or quarterbacks, simply sort by rating or filter by position for complete current rankings of all players at any positions. Visit your team's roster and also see contract and draft information to see how their recent draft classes are doing or who is hogging salary cap space and needs to go. Even view players By College to keep up with all your school's alums, and sort to see how your school stacks up in the number of current NFL players produced.

Go Beyond the NFL - Visit our College Football and College Basketball pages for ratings based on a simplified version of our NFL ratings. See which football teams are being inaccurately portrayed by the media, polls, or BCS. In the offseason, enhance March Madness by seeing which teams were snubbed from the tournament, which were totally mis-seeded, and which are prone for a deep run. College basketball ratings are accompanied by odds that each team will advance to each round in the NCAA tournament.

Informative Articles - Articles to help display all the analysis in a convenient manner to draw conclusions. These are based on real facts and analysis, providing logical conclusions and predictions rather than outdated opinions based on conventional thinking.

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