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Privacy Policy

ProFootballLogic.com may collect personal or anonymous information from users for administrative purposes. Personal information collected directly from us will never be sold or given to third parties. Reasonable security measure is taken to assure that this information is protected.

We may collect basic information about users' connection to our website such as the type of browser used and the IP address of your internet connection. This information is used to gather web traffic statistics for the website and is not examined on an individual basis.

We use a Facebook social plugin for comment threads throughout the website. Use of these features are subject to the privacy policy of Facebook, and when applicable, the privacy policy of other companies whose login accounts may be used to post on the Facebook plugin. We will never directly collect information from the Facebook page or other login of a user used to post comments.

We use Google Adsense to place relevant advertisments on our website. Through this service, third parties may place and read cookies on users' browsers, or use web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving.

We may change our privacy policy over time to accomodate new services. Further inquiries into this policy may be directed by email to contact@profootballlogic.com.