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Team Weekly Ratings:
2017 NFL Team Ratings
Offense EPA Defense EPA Totals
Rk Team Int Sk Pass Run KO Abo FG Punt Pen TO Kn EH Int Sk Pass Run KO Abo FG Punt Pen TO Kn EH Team Off Def Tot

Full explanation of our ratings

All values are in expected points added (EPA) per game during plays of each type. Expected points are assigned based on league averages for each down/distance-to-go/field-position combination.
(All categories include plays with penalties occuring during the play, based on result of play after penalty enforced. All failed 4th down conversions are in "TO" and last plays of half are in "EOH".)
Int: Plays involving interceptions, including those later fumbled
Sk: Plays involving sacks, including those with fumbles
Pass: Called pass plays, including QB scrambles NOT including those with interceptions, sacks, or lost fumbles
Run: Called run plays, NOT including QB scrambles or those with lost fumbles
KO: Kickoffs, including those with fumbles, NOT including onside kickoffs. Offense denotes receiving team.
Abo: Aborted plays (fumbled snaps from scrimmage or on punts or field goals)
FG: Field goal attempts NOT including botched snaps or fakes
Punt: Punts, including those with fumbles, NOT including fakes. Offense denotes kicking team.
Pen: Penalties occuring prior to snap
TO: Turnovers from fumbles lost on run plays or after completions/scrambles, or from failed 4th down conversions
Kn: Kneel downs (to waste time)
EOH: Final plays of either half of game
(Totals for Off/Def are the sum of all categories, final total is total offense minus total defense and is essentially a team's net points for a game or season, but not including rare plays like onside kicks)